After the Digital Marketing revolution in the 90’s, the Digital Space is constantly under change and the Future of Digital Marketing is beaming with potential.

The revolutionary change that came with the birth of Google is never-ending and the technological advancements outpace the current technology within months.

So, today we will be talking about the Future of Digital Marketing and how the advancements will effect the future of search, social media, and everything related to Digital Marketing. Let’s see what Digital Marketing has in store for us:

Data Will Conquer

Data-driven marketing has been the base of Digital Marketing since 2017, and every digital marketer has used it to make strategies. To make a strategy work, data is the first thing that you need. Understanding the consumer behavior and understanding the consumer journey helps in creating content, social media strategies or ads.

Future of Digital Marketing

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Consumer journey data also helps in creating sales funnels. It is abundantly clear that executives will use this Digital Marketing Trend to understand their buyer persona and help them understand their needs to deliver better.

Mobile Will Reign Over The World

Handheld and mobile devices are the trend. 60% of digital minutes are recorded from mobile devices. Be it Facebook searches or advertising or youtube videos. The content creators will have to work on an entirely different type of content.

The Digital Marketing strategies have to evolve and adapt according to this Digital Marketing Trend. Mobile devices are everywhere but in 2018 and beyond, mobile devices will reign over the world completely.

The Immediacy A.K.A Micro Moments.

Future of Digital Marketing - Micromonents

The future of Digital Marketing is overflowing with opportunities . As we all know that Mobile devices will be everywhere in the world, the decision making with these devices will be even quicker. Google calls it Micro Moments.

These Micro Moments consist of moments like “I want to know”, “ I want to go”, “I want to buy”. With a mobile device handy all time of the day, decision making will be even quicker. The retargeting strategy will take a whole different turn because of this Digital Marketing trend.

Ads Will Be More Meaningful

Ads are constantly changing in the future of Digital Marketing, the ads will be very vesatile. Advertisements make a huge chunk of a Digital Marketing Strategy as they reach a specific audience expeditiously.
An issue of the audience gradually stowing away from the ads is raising. Marketers need to strategize their whole approach to ads.

Future of Digital Marketing - Top-Social-Platforms

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Ads with more meaning and highly specific objective and capacity will work instead of ads that provide less or no value. With changing times, mobile ad platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat will be major in the coming years.

Augmented Reality Will Change Everything

We have all witnessed what AR integrated with a Social Media platform is capable of doing i.e, Pokemon Go. AR will be an absolute game changer and it will completely transform the Future of Digital Marketing.


Experts predict that Facebook and Instagram will integrate Augmented Reality into their platforms. We can only imagine how consuming the video content will be revolutionized after it. The content creators will have to adapt to this trend and introduce themselves to the tools that will help learn AR.

Oversupply Of Influencers

In coming years, Influencers will lose their luster. Companies spend a lot of moolah on Influencers but influencers don’t deliver as expected from them.

Over time companies will shift their gaze from Influencer Marketing to a more organic method of promoting content. With an oversupply of influencers and their demand is going to decrease and with an ROI standpoint, there is no alternative of Organic Promotional Methods.

Video Content Will Be Revisited

79% of customers prefer video content if they want to understand a particular product. In 2019 video content will be thriving but it will not be enough for the customers. Live videos will be the weapon of choice for customers.

Future of Digital Marketing - Facebook Live

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All the Social Media Platforms have incorporated the live video streaming feature. The future of marketing will be an expert explaining the product in a professional live video.

Live videos are an excellent way to connect with your audience. You can get live feedback from your audience and it is much better than a video ad or a sample video.

Talking Machines Will Prevail

By Talking Machines we mean conversational interfaces like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Cortana. These interfaces are a breakthrough in terms of house connectivity. These interfaces and chatbots have already become an integral part of people’s lives because it is clear that 65% of the people like to solve conflicts without having a conversation with a human being. Chatbots on a website can help a customer to navigate or get information about his/her transactions.

AI Takes Charge

As we spoke about chatbots and the conversational interfaces in the previous point, Artificial Intelligence will make these interfaces possible. Plus, 75% of the business executives have confirmed that they will amalgamate their businesses with AI.

Future of Digital Marketing - AI

As AI can help optimize the Digital marketing campaign by studying the Digital Marketing Campaign by studying customer behavior and habits, the ROI will be higher. To make things even better, AI can talk to multiple people at once.

IoT WIll Reap Profits

The concept of IOT (Internet of Things) has been changed to IOE (Internet of Everything). According to a report by Business Insider, Businesses will be investing $5 Trillion in IOE by 2021.

IOT will help customers make decisions faster and compel marketers to revisit their Digital Marketing Strategies because the devices are so close to the customers all the time that a product can be promoted to them instantly.

Live Chat For Customer Experience

Customers are always right and they can contact a business anytime they want. So, it would be pretty incredible if a business is available 24/7.

How is it possible you ask?

With technological advancements like AI and IoT.

Future of Digital Marketing - AI Live Chat

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Today, if you want to retain customers then you need a real-time response. It can help customers make purchasing decisions and therefore Live Chat is the center of attention. It gives customers a special feeling.

Cookies Will Be Replaced

Here’s the deal.

Cookies are not cutting it anymore. They are about to be replaced with contextual targeting. After the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), marketers have to revamp their Digital Marketing Strategies. This makes the future of Digital Marketing very precise and to the point.


Things will get a little complicated for ad tech vendors because as per GDPR it would be tough for them to use cookies. So, we can be sure that contextual targeting strategies will successfully replace cookies in 2018.

Future of Digital Marketing - Contextual Targeting

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Think Global, Act Local

As we’ve mentioned earlier that Mobile devices will dominate in coming years. (More than they are dominating right now) Localization will play an important role in spreading brand awareness. Native Advertising will be on our top priority of the changing future of Digital Marketing list. Native ads can work wonders and make a piece of content go viral on the target market.

Customers Need Experience

Your content can be written by world-class writers but if it is not in tune with your Customer Experience Strategy then you can kiss your conversions Goodbye!

In the ever-increasing competition in the digital world, CX will remain decisive in coming years. Every industry will feel a need to build a CX strategy for improving customer experience in the near future.

Real-Life Experiences Will Matter

In coming years, real-life experiences will matter the most. Consumer-centric campaigns will attract more people towards any brand. Hiring expensive Brand Ambassadors which are completely unrelated to the brand will not work anymore. A product or a service which is for the people, of the people and by the people will prevail in the market.

Storytelling is the Future

We can’t ignore the fact that stories on Social Media are already a big thing and that’s what makes them very powerful and prevalent. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are killing it with their storytelling game. Whatsapp has also joined them in this race.

Future of Digital Marketing - Storytelling

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A brand can display their products in these stories in a super fun way to attract people towards their brand. Especially, personal brands can grow exponentially with social media stories. Just capture the best parts of the day, compile it in a series of videos or images. Edit them a little bit and voila! You have a great story.

Voice Marketing Takes Control

According to Google, 20% of searches are done through Google. It is not surprising that this number will increase in the future. Consumers use Alexa and Siri for useful information.

Future of Digital Marketing - Voice Search

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Digital Marketers need to make their Digital Marketing Strategies around it and start capturing voice searches and start showing ads on such platforms. In short, Digital Marketers need to pay attention to it.

Personalized Content Will Be In

Content is the King! It is applicable to every aspect of Digital Marketing one way or the other. Personalized content can retain a customer easily and lead them into buying your products. We cannot ignore the fact that content-rich marketing campaigns combined with voice search, storytelling, and real-life experiences will take your company forward in the future.

To Wrap It Up

Digital Marketing started simple but it has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business. The lucrative domain of the internet is evolving and the insatiable thirst for consuming content and products keeps giving birth to new Digital Marketing Trends and the future of Digital Marketing is going to be more lucrative than ever. Technology keeps going obsolete quick as the attention span of the customers keeps going down. Digital Marketers and entrepreneurs have to be on top of their game to be relevant in the market.

For example, Musically began slowly but blew into a huge market. With time its popularity is declining and from the past six months, the company has witnessed a slow and steady decline in its viewership. If the company doesn’t think of something innovative, it will go out of business quickly.

The bottom line is with new technology getting innovated every second and new entrepreneurs with excellent ideas in Silicon Valley and around the world, one has to keep his/her eyes and ears open for the Future of Digital Marketing.

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