Swiggy ( registered entity:  Bundl Technologies Private Limited)  was founded by  Sriharsha Majety, Rahul Jaimini, and  Nandan Reddy   The company was registered in 2013, but Swiggy is operational from 2015. The current CEO is  Vishal Bhatia

Swiggy works in both B2C and B2B space in Food/Mobile tech Industry.

There was no large company with ideas similar to ours and hence we saw a competitive advantage of building a hyperlocal delivery platform that moved things fast in the city   – Sriharsha (Harsha) Majety

Swiggy provides an online platform for ordering from a wide range of listed neighbourhood partner restaurants and have their own fleet of delivery personnel who pick up the orders from the partner restaurants and deliver it to the customers at their doorsteps.

Swiggy has also ventured into cloud kitchen with “The bowl company” and “Homely”. These are operational in Bangalore with 30 kitchens and will be extended to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Swiggy generates revenue by creating ads for restaurants on the platform. Charge a  delivery fee and offers subscription-based

delivery services like ‘Swiggy Super‘ where a one-time fee is collected from customers per month (for no delivery fees on orders for that month).

Swiggy API integration into POS systems is another source of revenue.  With cloud kitchens, Swiggy has ventured into selling food.

Swiggy has raised 9 rounds of funding with total funding of $1.5B. It currently has 6500+ employees and 16 offices in India including Jaipur, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.  In 2018, the total revenue was $4.4B. 

Desktop/App: Swiggy has both Desktop interface and Mobile App is for partners and customers.

Website login for Restaurant Partners to indicate available/menu etc

Early Adopters

Fleet on the Street

Swiggy began its Journey from Bangalore with six delivery executives and 25 restaurants on its platform. The earlier connects were made in-person by approaching the individual restaurants. 

Social Media

Swiggy had an early presence on social media and rendered notifications about it the company through Friends and Family.

Word of Mouth

Most of the information traversal initially was via word of mouth. Information about the fundraising and personal recommendation from the buyers. 


Grabon discounted offers were ensured that the customers were hooked on to the product.

Press Release

Feature mentions/Interviews:




Fund Raising/News


     Economic Times

Marketing Summary – Today


Swiggy gets most of the customers via ads and uses ads online, in print and on television and Theatres. The customers get access to a discovery platform for food. Swiggy provides an option with offers, discounted rates, restaurant ads etc to entice the customers.

Swiggy also sends timely notifications on the app to inform customers of new offers. Once the order is placed and delivered, Swiggy asks the users to provide feedback.

Swiggy ensures that the initiatives within the company are talked about and social media as a mechanism to inform users of the offers. Users also get timely emails to further ensure the offers, latest information related to the app is passed on to the users.

Top of the funnel


  1. Average 1 articles/month on both the blogs- Check tech blog,  check the website Blog 
  2. 1,000+ word articles – Images & Text heavy- less videos
  3. While the tech blog marks Swiggy as a tech company. The company blog ensure that people who are the force behind Swiggy is spoken about. 
  4. The blogs contain news around Swiggy, product updates, Offers, Top 10 places to order etc – (food-centric), employee/Partner interviews
  5. 23.62% of traffic comes from SEO

Type of content they create

  1. Business – Primary content
    1. Knowledge Base – Relevant content – current affairs.
    2. List based content for food items (For Navratri )
    3. Current Swiggy Ads/Programs
    4. Product Updates
  2. Interests & Persona – Secondary Content
    1. Who their employees are – Partners are. Human stories/ Swiggy user stories
    2. Current Ad campaigns – report cards, statistics based on orders.

Type of Ads 

  • Branded  – Keywords (42)

The keywords are around food and  food delivery

Keywords like

Order food online


Order food

breakfast delivery near me

Indian food delivery near me

  • Banner/ Text Ads

                On Facebook:

                On Youtube

                 All the ads are featured on Youtube

In paid space, it is box8.in and domino.co.in are top competitors

Swiggy spends – 256$ per month


  1. A chat window pops out for help as soon as someone opens the page. 
  2. The email is visible on Facebook, making it easy and accessible to reach out to the customer care executives.
  3. Number of members – 867K
  4. Post 3-4 times a month
  5. The cover picture is changed to  broadcast the latest messages
  6. Motivational messages
  7. Offer updates
  8. Sponsored Ads
  1. Number of members – 76K
  2. 1 Post per day
  3. Change the cover picture to broadcast messages
  4. Motivational messages
  5. Contest to motivate riders
  6. Dedicated to the Swiggy partners
  1. Placed phone number here for easy call
  2. Number of members – 867K
  3. Post 2-3 times a week
  4. Food-related pictures
  5. Contests like Hunger voice challenge which is unique only to Swiggy Instagram users
  6. Marketing with Influencers like Rohan Joshi etc for the Instagram campaign.
  1. 124K of members
  2. 3-4 new ads per month
  3. Campaigns around current affair- (IPL – match day) –  18M views
  4. The posts revolve around employee engagement, awards and recognition that Swiggy has received.  
  5. The posts include aspects about communities within Swiggy -women in tech, fitness and about the LinkedIn posts that the employees of Swiggy(swiggesters) have created.
  1. 2.1k of members
  2. 3-4 posts per month
  3. Employee engagement/celebration – about Swiggy stores
  4. The Ads that Swiggy uses on social media. The ads are extremely relevant to current affairs and celebrations
  1. 15.4k of members
  2. Change the cover picture to broadcast messages
  3. 3-4 posts per Week
  4. Ad campaigns
  5. The customer support handle, acknowledges customers, almost always active
  6. Swiggy feeds into the existing trending hashtags like #gameOfThrones, #blackhole.
  7. Swiggy creates a campaign specific hashtag example – #swiggyappraisal for the Swiggy appraisal campaign.
  • Advertisements

Swiggy is extremely quick to bringing ads relevant to the current situations on to the big screen or even youtube.

Television/Theatre Ads

The ads get updated on facebook almost every 3-4 weeks. The newer ads are used in Digital marketing, in media and for theatre screens. All the ads are on Youtube

Newspaper Ads

Swiggy invests in print ads and road banners heavily. The ads include coupon codes and are sometimes used for brand awareness.

Referral Traffic

The Referral traffic is about – 2.96%            

  1. http://partner.swiggy.in/login/
  2. https://www.grabon.in/
  3. https://www.amazon.in/
  4. https://www.zomato.com/
  5. https://www.hotstar.com/
App Referrals                                                                                        

(Available only on Mobile, not on Desktop)

Refer a friend to receive 199Rs and the friend receives 100Rs

  Payment Gateway

Offers with Payment websites – Amazon Pay, PayTM, PhonePay and Banks like Axis, Standard Chartered. This varies from time to time:


  1. Conferences/Events
    1. 1 per years – https://springfest.in/sponsors/
    2. IPL Sponsorship (Associate Sponsor)
    3. Tech-centric/Mobility
  2. Speaking Gigs (almost 6 per year  )
    1. NextBigWhat
    2. CTO Talk
    3. LastMileDelivery Convention

Middle of the funnel/constant engagement with Email

  1. Fancy campaigns with report card score of the user saving money/monthly order, extremely personalised ( 1 campaign per quarter)
  2. Offer emails save money tied with current events/celebrations
  3. Customised emails with top food/restaurant pick to reorder


Swiggy Match Day Mania is here! Sweep up big offers from top restaurants.

       Celebrate Holi in a biiiig way with Swiggy XL!

      Get 40-60% off on India’s largest food fest! 


All email campaigns are in the form of embedded images.

A call to action – a coupon code for the next purchase or order now button.

The mailers are relevant to current affairs/ festivities.

Bottom Of The Funnel

  1. SMS campaigns and push notification, top the game with a coupon code and trendy offers. The offer updates are pretty regular.
  2. Meanwhile, trendy emails visit user inboxes with a coupon code and “funny” ways to capture attention.
  3. Swiggy does a good with Birthday emails as well.
  4. Swiggy keeps introducing new programs like “Swiggy Pop” and “Super”. With Swiggy Pop, easily accessible food can be picked up and with Swiggy Super, the delivery of the food for an entire is free.

Top Growth Hacks To Learn from Swiggy

Different marketing strategy for different channels for example on LinkedIn branding is more company focused and employee motivation focused.

On Linkedin, the communities with the company are talked about. But on Instagram, the Instagram specific influencers are used and specific campaigns are run to attract for Instagram users.

Unique creatives, unique value propositions for the target audience.

For example – IPL is relevant and Instagram, emails and Facebook take about match Day with the offer code but the online ad on youtube and television taps into emotional connect.

For the partners, however, Swiggy is running a motivational contest with the basis as IPL where the partners have created groups etc.

Focus on Branding as a tech company using the special tech blog.

The Blog is extremely heavy showcasing the unique rich tech interfaces that are used and this is kept away from the regular blog. The regular blog focuses on SEO keywords to drive traffic to the website with innovate content along with human stories.

Extremely creative storytelling whether it is the campaigns that are run on Facebook, ads or even email, the narratives are well planned, well written creative storylines and extremely focused on the target audience.

Treat all marketing channels as separate, there is hardly a great overlap with the content. The tweets are not shared on Instagram, the Instagram campaigns with influencers on Facebook. Similarly, the focus is on the quality of the campaign not the number of posts.

Being relevant and in news with PR on portals, events and conferences.

There is a mix of conferences that are sponsored, the conference where a Swiggy representative speaks and conferences where the employees are sponsored to attend. Each of them comes with a unique proposition, whether it is to motivate an employee or showcase innovation (technology and non-technology) basis.


It is extremely difficult to manage multiple stakeholders. In the case of Swiggy – delivery partners, restaurant partner and employees and customers. Each of them is found on different social media platforms. Swiggy is using different means to attract and build the audience.  

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