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Pepperfry’s Facebook page was launched to notify shoppers of upcoming sales, new furniture, and home decor items and allow them to visualize how to style those products.

In Their Own Words :

If you like unicorn lattes or cutting chai, you’ll like us too!

We sell gorgeous furniture & home décor online. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself. And if you’re old school, experience it at Studio Pepperfry.  We’re thoughtful like that!”

Some Interesting Stats:

Social Media Pepperfry

  1. # of likes: 670,564 (as per May 2019)
  2. # of followers: 668,021 (as per May 2019))
  3. # of posts a day: ~ 1-2
  4. Avg Engagement Per Post ~ 100 likes, 15 comments,4 shares
  5. 50.04% of Traffic that comes through Facebook.

How Do They Use Facebook?

Pepperfry User Generated Content

Pepperfry Facebook posts

Studio Pepperfry

Pepperfry Facebook Page

Pepperfry Facebook Contact Us

Studio Pepperfry Event

Types Of Posts


Facebook Poll


Pepperfry Videos

Simple posts + Images – Contests, Inspiration and UGC

Pepperfry Contest

How Have They Grown To 668k Followers

Positioned themselves as a pioneer of the online furniture market back in January 2012 while still allowing shoppers to experience the feeling of buying it in stores with AR and offline Studios.

  • Lots of interactive posts
  • Tertiary content: Hosting events in collaboration with other companies to discuss pertinent issues.
  • Secondary Content: Events at Studio Pepperfry and promoting the app.
  • Primary content
  1. Design inspirations – User-generated as well as Pepperfry’s collaborations with LBB.
  2. Quick and responsive support: Every feedback given by customers is appreciated and issues are looked into almost immediately fostering greater trust and sense of community.
  3. Facebook Store: Allows customers to shop directly on Facebook.
  • Offline events: All events are hosted at Studio Pepperfry locations. Types of events include
  1. Mood-Board Design workshops
  2. Comedy evenings
  3. Live music
  4. Culinary workshops

Do They Run Facebook Ads?

Pepperfry has 15 active ads in 26 countries with the CTA ‘Install Now’ or shop directly on the website. The ads can be broken down in three categories.

Type 1:

  • Objective: Download the app.
  • Target: New customers.
  • Ad Copy: Reads ‘Sign up and save Rs 10,000.

Type 2:

  • Objective: Drive Sales.
  • Target: New and Existing customers.
  • Ad Copy: Reads ‘50% off for Akshaya Tritiya’. Pepperfry leverages festivals to boost sales.

Type 3:

  • Objective: Acquire new customers.
  • Target: Potential customers.
  • Ad Copy: Reads ‘50% discount. Limited Period Offer.”

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