Urban Ladder is a design-led, omnichannel brand which offers furniture and home decor.

With over 5000 designs across 35 categories such as living, dining, bedroom, study, and decor, Urban Ladder was established as an online-first brand in 2012.

Desktop, Mobile, and AppThey have been reaching out to the targeted customers across desktop, and mobile devices through mobile application specifically designed to reach out to the mobile users.

urban ladder founders


Urban Ladder’s Fact Sheet


Brand : Urban Ladder

Founder, CPTO : Rajiv Srivastava.

Co-founder, CEO : Ashish Goel.

Type of Business: B2C (Urban Ladder focused on delivering the furniture to the customers throughout India).

“I was toying with the idea in my mind even when I graduated from college, but I did not want to rush into it. I finally took the plunge eight years later”

~ Rajiv Srivasta, Founder, Urban Ladder

Industry: Home and Furniture.

How Urban Ladder Got Their Early Adopters 

  1. Social Media Platforms
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook
    • InstagramUrban Ladder is actively engaging with their targeted customers across social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram early from 2012.
  2. Product Listing
    • Flipkart.
    • Amazon.Along with the social media channels they have been listing their products on the most famous e-commerce channels such as Flipkart and Amazon.
  3. PR and News

Urban Ladder is been actively promoting their multiple category products through the above-mentioned PR channels and news websites. Since the PR channels and news websites of high authority, they were able to generate quality targeted traffic to their shopping website

4. VideosYouTube Channel – Store Story – YouTube Videos on Products


Founders of Urban Ladder are so smart that they had a great vision of predicting the fact that YouTube might become one of the most adaptive online channels down the line of 5 years, they started their own YouTube Channel in the year 2012 and started promoting their product review videos.

The founders had given interviews for some of the major authoritative websites like YourStory about their company that has got decent views on YouTube.

Below are some of the reference of the videos:

  • The Making of Urban Ladder by NDTV  – WATCH NOW
  • Ashish Goel Interview on YourStory – WATCH NOW

 5. Ads and Listing

Justdial – Ads and Listing are the most under-rated and under-utilized channel in online marketing, Urban Ladder utilized JustDial for their increased visibility and customer reach.

6. Fundraising
Urban Ladder raised $1 million from Kalaari Capital in August 2012 and $5 million from SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital in November 2013. In July 2014, it raised $21 million from Steadview Capital. Soon Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group made a personal investment in the company in November 2014.

7. Urban Ladder’s Marketing Summary – Today

Urban Ladder’s Marketing Summary:




    • 1 or 2 articles/month – they have stopped blogging on October 2017
    • Average of 600+ word articles with product images & text heavy
    • More Guest Blog Posts and Referral Traffic from
      • W3schools
      • IBM
      • HuffPost
      • Irctc
      • Rediff
    • 58.15% of traffic comes from SEO
    • They also rank for keywords
      • Urban Ladder
      • Urbanladder
      • Furniture online
      • Study table
      • Online furnitureurban ladder website traffic
    • Business – Primary content
      • Product Buying Guides
      • Fun Stuff – about seasonal product sales
    • Industry-based – Secondary content
      • Tools to try
      • Home Décor
      • Everyday Artists
    • Interests & Persona – Tertiary Content
      • Interior Decor Tips
      • How to guides: They have crafted their content so well that matches target audience interests, persona, industry, and business through guest blogging and blog on their own website. On creating the content they haven’t settled down there, they took the important step to promote them across multiple platforms of online such as social media, videos, and etc.
    • Type of Ads they’re running
      • Branded – YES
      • Generic – YES
      • Competitor – NO
      • Product Ads – YES
    • Amount of money they’re spending   – $2.78KThey have been actively promoting their business on Google AdWords and Facebook and Spent around $2.78K on paid advertising.
  4. SOCIALsocial traffic
    • Facebook – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE
      • They have a shop now button integrated
      • They have created many product related events on the page
      • Number of members – 846,374
      • Post x times a month – 20 to 25
      • Change the cover picture to broadcast messages – Monthly once and seasonal offers
      • Do polls that are of
        • Customers live experience of products
        • Weekend Posts with Shortlink added to the images
      • Great Customer Support – the Response rate is high
      • # of members – 37,247
      • # of posts a month – 3 to 4
      • Type of posts that have really high engagement – Founder and Co-founder Interviews
        • Referral Traffic
          • Glassdoor
          • Naukri
          • Sequoia
          • Graben
          • Drawinbox
          • SaifpartnersUrban Ladder is frequently getting high-quality traffic from the above platforms to their site.
    • Events  Events high, Malabar EventThey had organized a few events locally (Bengaluru) to showcase their products to increased visibility and sales.
    • Speaking gigs EconomicTimes, TimesJobs, IndiaTimes (Economic Times)
    • They have done press conferences –
      • Prokerala
      • TheHinduBusinessLine
      • Knowstartup

They have done press conferences to attract local and online customers to increase their brand awareness.


  1. Email
  2. FB – Retargeting Pixel added to the site
  3. Google Retargeting Pixel Integrated on the site
  4. Mobile Application Engagement & 1,000,000+ Installs
  5. Multiple Social Media Platforms – Fb, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube


  1. Sales Call
  2. Thank you page

Top Growth Hacks That Have Stood Out For Them

  • Proper Communication with not only investors but with the internal team as well
  • Product Category Expansion that allows users to choose from multiple options available on the site
  • Latest Designs and Features added to the products
  • Expanding to multiple cities at an early stage
  • Development of Mobile application with user-friendly feature to design the products based on their own design and requirement.
  • Multiple Social Media Platform usage – greater exposure
  • Changed the strategy from Pan India to Tier 1 cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi


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