Cult.Fit Marketing Breakdown

CureFit aims to be a one-stop fitness ecosystem by bringing together all aspects of a healthy lifestyle on one platform. They have 4 major components – (group workout sessions), (meditation and yoga classes), (healthy meal services) and (medical consultation).

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CureFit Fact Sheet

Name: Cure.Fit

Type: B2C

Founded: Jul 1, 2016

Founders: Ankit Nagori, Mukesh Bansal

“CureFit is an end-to-end solution that will enable users to take full control of their health to improve the quality of life and reduce long-term healthcare costs”

~ Ankit Nagori, Co-Founder, Cure.Fit

Industry: Fitness, Healthcare, Wellnesscurefit logo

Online Presence: They have a website and an app (available for both iOS, Android) as well as fitness centres across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Jaipur.

Android App: 1,000,000+ downloads, 4.6 stars of 18,374 ratings

iOS App: 4.8 stars of 24.1K ratings


Number of funding rounds – 7 (Source)

Total amount raised – $176.4M

Announced Date Name Number Of Investors Amount Raised Lead Investors
Jul 30, 2018 Series C 5 $120M Accel,
IDG Ventures,
Kalaari Capital
Apr 16, 2018 Venture Round 2 ₹41.8M Ananth Narayanan,
Binny Bansal
Jan 30, 2018 Debt Financing 2 $10M Axis Bank,
Dec 22, 2017 Venture Round 2 ₹60M Brun Raschle,
Endiya Partners
Aug 28, 2017 Series B 4 $25M
May 8, 2017 Venture Round 4 $3M RNT Capital

How Cure.Fit Got Their Early Adapters

Cure.Fit Marketing Summary: Today

Avg Traffic – 760.20K (Source)

  • SEO – 43.1%
  • Direct – 47.4%
  • Social – 5.2%
  • Referrals – 2.25%
  • Ads – 1.86%
  • Emails – 0.28%

curefit traffic sources

Sales Funnel

curefit sales funnel

Top Of The Funnel

  • Majority traffic from Direct source – Since this is Mukesh Bansal’s (Founder of Myntra) second venture, there was a lot of press coverage about his new venture.
  • Followed by Search (mostly organic)
  • Referrals coming from partners – Many companies such as CRED have tied with CureFit to offer free month packages on purchasing their product.
  • Social traffic mainly from Facebook
  • Have referral scheme – For now, it is Rs 300 fitcash for the referrer and 25% off up to Rs 1000 for the person referred.
  • Content type –  free workout videos, free cooking videos, product announcements, lots of ongoing sales


  • ~73% of SEO traffic is from Organic Search. The major keywords that CureFit ranks for are – cult fit, Curefit, eat fit, cult. (Source)
  • As for non-name related search, the top things that CureFit ranks for is – fitness centers near me, order food, gyms free, online doctor consult. (Source)

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Social Channelscurefit social traffic


  • Joined 20 Apr 2017
  • 12K subscribers
  • Free workout content
  • Very few views on non-ads
  • Types of posts: Ads, how to workouts and meals  


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  • Around 3 posts a day
  • Not too much interaction per post (around 20 likes).
  • Types of posts: Ads, how to workout and meals, stories of students/ instructors


  • 2-3 posts a day
  • Not too much interaction per post (around 11-12 likes)
  • Type of posts: Ads, how to workout and meals, stories of students/ instructors


  • Seems to be their biggest platform
  • Around 3000 views per post
  • 10 posts per week
  • Type of posts: Images of instructors/ classes, recipes with CTA to get the full video on the App
  1. Ads (television, YouTube and newspaper) that have celebrities (Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff etc) that tell people it is easy to be healthy with CureFit.
  2. Banners on major roads
  3. Some SEO
  4. Only ~2% of the traffic comes from paid ads, mostly from YouTube, Zee5, Cricbuzz and Yahoo Mail.

curefit ads traffic


  • Tied up with supermarkets to offer discounts on the purchase
  • Walk into the centre and get 2 free classes
  • Banners on major roads

Middle Of The Funnel

  • Sign into the app for access to free workout videos
  • Can book 2 free classes on signup
  • Send notifications, message, email on sales
  • Frequent sales and offers with freebies (get 3 months extensions, get 10% off with HDFC card)

Bottom Of The Funnel

  • Sales emails and messages
  • Congrats message on purchasing the pack
  • Thank you page

Top Growth Hacks That Have Stood Out For Them

  1. Good keyword research and SEO
  2. Partnering with Hrithik Roshan for HRX
  3. Providing frequent sales
  4. Acquiring companies with expertise and good name
Acquired Organisation Announced Date
Rejoov Apr 12, 2019
Seraniti Nov 20, 2018
Fitness first May 22, 2018
a1000yoga Jul 19, 2017
Kristys Kitchen Mar 1, 2017
Tribe Fitness Club Feb 2, 2017

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