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LBB, Bangalore

What Is The Group About?

LBB gives recommendations about the latest and greatest events, food joints and shopping destinations in your city, which you can experience with your friends.

In their own words,

LBB is a discoveries and recommendations platform, to find and share awesome things in your city.

Some Interesting Stats

  • Number of likes: 212,673 (as per May 2019)
  • Posts per day: ~10
  • Average engagement per post: ~10 likes, 2 comments
  • Number of followers: 214,268 ( as per May 2019)
  • % of traffic that comes through Facebook: More than 94% of their social traffic comes from their Facebook pages, and social is around 8% of their total traffic.

similarweb social traffic for lbb


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How Do They Use Facebook?

lbb post about place to visit near bangalore

  • As a way to promote their ongoing offline events


  • Show off user-generated content: Users use the tag #ifoundawesome to share any awesome things they found in their neighbourhood, and LBB shares a few of them on their Facebook page.

#ifoundawesome things to do

  • As a way to interact with their customers: They have messenger, where customers can talk directly to their staff.

lbb messenger

lbb post about new drive in theatre in bangalore

Types Of Posts

  • Videos

video content lbb

  • Simple posts + images

lbb post with images

  • Sponsored content

lbb sponsored content fabindia collab

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How Have They Grown To 200K+ Likes

LBB carved a niche for itself as a place to find the newest and hottest things happening in your city. With the introduction of localised Facebook pages (each page catering to one city), LBB’s popularity only increased.

  • Tertiary/ Secondary content: No such content on the Facebook page. It is mainly used to drive traffic to the website.
  • Primary content:
    • Things to do/ see/ eat in Bangalore
    • Contests to win tickets to events
  • Offline events: Mostly collaborations with sponsors, could be –
    • New business
    • New locations of existing businesses
    • Seasonal events
    • Events to sell their products

Facebook Ads

LBB has 160 active ads in India with the CTA ‘Install Now’ or ‘Shop Now’ (on their website) or ‘Read Now’.  The ads can be broken down in three categories.

Type 1

Objective – Download the app.

Target – New customers who enjoy travelling or eating out

Ad Copy – “Foodies, We found the BEST places for eating out or ordering in!” or “Want To Get Out Of Town? Check out cool vacay spots on the LBB App 🌴”

ad to download app

Type 2

Objective – Drive Sales.

Target – New and Existing customers.

Ad Copy – “Workwear Clearance sale, 24 hours only.”

ad to drive sales of their products

Type 3

Objective – Drive traffic to website.

Target – New and Existing customers.

Ad Copy – Has the title and featured snippet of a blog post.

ad to drive traffic to website

Source: Facebook Ads 

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Facebook Marketing Breakdown Simplified

  1. What is the Page about?

    • Swiggy is an on-demand food delivery platform designed to provide food from neighborhood restaurants to the customers. The page is all about brand awareness and customer engagement/support
  2. Facebook Link: Swiggy

  3. Some interesting stats:

    1. # of page likes: 875k (as per May 2019)
    2. # of posts a day: 0 to 3
    3. Avg Engagement Per Post: 100+ likes, 200 comments(Number vary of the post is promoted)
    4. # of Admins/Moderators: Swiggy has 197 people managing their page from India and 6 people from Australia
    5. The comment section is mostly filled out with order related queries where swiggy is actively responding for each of the customer’s query/suggestion/issues.
    6. % of Traffic that comes through Facebook: 11.09%  (Data: SimilarWeb)swiggy_social traffic
  4. How do they use Facebook?

    • As a community building channel
    • As a platform to share details about their current offers
    • As a platform to announce the addition of new delivery locations
    • For Customer Support
  5. Types of posts

    • Simple posts + Images (addition of new delivery locations)swiggy new location
    • Posts around the current trending topics over the internet like Game of Thrones, General elections in India, Cricket Worldcup 2019.swiggy worldcup2019swiggy-Game of thrones
    • Short promotional Videos where content will be related to trending topics like IPL  or special days like mothers day, labor day and others
  6. Posts By

    • Admin
    • Social media managers
  7. How have they grown followers – Things they do different

    • Customer support executives responding for each and every queries/complaint in the comment section and following up with them until it is resolved
    • Keeps their customers update to date with new delivery locations
    • Creative posts based on trending events

Tertiary content

  • About Swiggy delivery partners

swiggy tertiory

Secondary Content

Primary content

  • Video Ads(Content related to Special days like Social days, Religious festivals, IPL, and other trends)
  • Most of the posts are about promotional offers and announcements, memes.
    • Their customer support is making the facebook page more engaged with all the customer queries
    • Facebook Ads: At the moment of writing, there were around nearly 3400 ads running from the swiggy Facebook page as per ads library


8. Closely analyzed, various types of ads are being run by Swiggy as follows:

  • Majority of ads are aimed for new app downloads, specific offers based on events like the cricket world cup 2019, Ads specifically on food items like Ice creams and other chilled items because of the summer season
  • Their ads are more of customized using a specific dish, location, and popularity of the dish targeting new and existing customers.
  • One can appreciate the Swiggy’s effort in placing this huge number of ads while making sure that the ad is shown to the targeted audiences

Sample 1:

  • Objective: To increase the number of delivery partners
  • Target: New Delivery Partner
  • Ad Copy: Earn up to 25000/- per monthswiggy delivery partner


  • Objective: Drive order placements
  • Target: New and Existing customers.
  • Ad Copy: Swiggy Match Day Mania is back! Get up to 50% off* from the best restaurants in town. Order now. TCAswiggy match
  • Miscellaneous adsswiggymisc

logo of pepperfry

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Facebook Page: Jaypore

What is the Page about?

Jaypore is an E-commerce website, they curate best designs from artisans and craftsman from across India and deliver them to the global audience.

Some Interesting stats:

  • No of Followers/Page likes: 448,170 as on 1st May 2019
  • Posts per Day: 2 or 3 posts per day
  • Average engagement per posts is between 150 to 400 i. e they at least 100 likes for their posts. And around 3-5 comments.
  • Jaypore gets 10.01% of their traffic from social media channels. And out of 10.01%, traffic from Facebook is 19.59% of their social traffic i.e approximately 2% of their traffic comes from Facebook.
  • Jaypore has 26 people managing their page from different locations.

How they use Facebook?

  • As a community building channel.
  • As an assisted conversion channel.
  • For support.

Type of Posts

  • Image posts with Link to the Product Page
  • Video posts.
  • Sale posts.
  • Event posts.
  • Facebook Live videos

How have they grown to x members- Things they do different

1. Facebook Ads:

  • They run ads displaying their products.
  • Jaypore uses Carousel Ads and Photo Ads displaying their products. These ads are linked to their product page on their website.

2. Types of contents

Primary Content

  • They share their product images


  • Share their upcoming sale

  • Shares their Offline events

  • Share live videos of their events

Secondary Content

  • They share videos of craftsmen working on a different type of materials.
  • They share craftsmen working on meenakari material, how Lucknowi embroidery is done.

Tertiary Content

  • Jaypore share monument images, Food images from other pages and credit them.
  • They share videos of a traditional form of musical instruments.

3. Each and every post has a link to their website.

4. Good quality product images.

5. Showing top contributors.

6. Responding to the customer’s messages.