Urban Ladder is a design-led, omnichannel brand which offers furniture and home decor.

With over 5000 designs across 35 categories such as living, dining, bedroom, study, and decor, Urban Ladder was established as an online-first brand in 2012.

Desktop, Mobile, and AppThey have been reaching out to the targeted customers across desktop, and mobile devices through mobile application specifically designed to reach out to the mobile users.

urban ladder founders


Urban Ladder’s Fact Sheet


Brand : Urban Ladder

Founder, CPTO : Rajiv Srivastava.

Co-founder, CEO : Ashish Goel.

Type of Business: B2C (Urban Ladder focused on delivering the furniture to the customers throughout India).

“I was toying with the idea in my mind even when I graduated from college, but I did not want to rush into it. I finally took the plunge eight years later”

~ Rajiv Srivasta, Founder, Urban Ladder

Industry: Home and Furniture.

How Urban Ladder Got Their Early Adopters 

  1. Social Media Platforms
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook
    • InstagramUrban Ladder is actively engaging with their targeted customers across social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram early from 2012.
  2. Product Listing
    • Flipkart.
    • Amazon.Along with the social media channels they have been listing their products on the most famous e-commerce channels such as Flipkart and Amazon.
  3. PR and News

Urban Ladder is been actively promoting their multiple category products through the above-mentioned PR channels and news websites. Since the PR channels and news websites of high authority, they were able to generate quality targeted traffic to their shopping website

4. VideosYouTube Channel – Store Story – YouTube Videos on Products


Founders of Urban Ladder are so smart that they had a great vision of predicting the fact that YouTube might become one of the most adaptive online channels down the line of 5 years, they started their own YouTube Channel in the year 2012 and started promoting their product review videos.

The founders had given interviews for some of the major authoritative websites like YourStory about their company that has got decent views on YouTube.

Below are some of the reference of the videos:

  • The Making of Urban Ladder by NDTV  – WATCH NOW
  • Ashish Goel Interview on YourStory – WATCH NOW

 5. Ads and Listing

Justdial – Ads and Listing are the most under-rated and under-utilized channel in online marketing, Urban Ladder utilized JustDial for their increased visibility and customer reach.

6. Fundraising
Urban Ladder raised $1 million from Kalaari Capital in August 2012 and $5 million from SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital in November 2013. In July 2014, it raised $21 million from Steadview Capital. Soon Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group made a personal investment in the company in November 2014.

7. Urban Ladder’s Marketing Summary – Today

Urban Ladder’s Marketing Summary:




    • 1 or 2 articles/month – they have stopped blogging on October 2017
    • Average of 600+ word articles with product images & text heavy
    • More Guest Blog Posts and Referral Traffic from
      • W3schools
      • IBM
      • HuffPost
      • Irctc
      • Rediff
    • 58.15% of traffic comes from SEO
    • They also rank for keywords
      • Urban Ladder
      • Urbanladder
      • Furniture online
      • Study table
      • Online furnitureurban ladder website traffic
    • Business – Primary content
      • Product Buying Guides
      • Fun Stuff – about seasonal product sales
    • Industry-based – Secondary content
      • Tools to try
      • Home Décor
      • Everyday Artists
    • Interests & Persona – Tertiary Content
      • Interior Decor Tips
      • How to guides: They have crafted their content so well that matches target audience interests, persona, industry, and business through guest blogging and blog on their own website. On creating the content they haven’t settled down there, they took the important step to promote them across multiple platforms of online such as social media, videos, and etc.
    • Type of Ads they’re running
      • Branded – YES
      • Generic – YES
      • Competitor – NO
      • Product Ads – YES
    • Amount of money they’re spending   – $2.78KThey have been actively promoting their business on Google AdWords and Facebook and Spent around $2.78K on paid advertising.
  4. SOCIALsocial traffic
    • Facebook – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE
      • They have a shop now button integrated
      • They have created many product related events on the page
      • Number of members – 846,374
      • Post x times a month – 20 to 25
      • Change the cover picture to broadcast messages – Monthly once and seasonal offers
      • Do polls that are of
        • Customers live experience of products
        • Weekend Posts with Shortlink added to the images
      • Great Customer Support – the Response rate is high
      • # of members – 37,247
      • # of posts a month – 3 to 4
      • Type of posts that have really high engagement – Founder and Co-founder Interviews
        • Referral Traffic
          • Glassdoor
          • Naukri
          • Sequoia
          • Graben
          • Drawinbox
          • SaifpartnersUrban Ladder is frequently getting high-quality traffic from the above platforms to their site.
    • Events  Events high, Malabar EventThey had organized a few events locally (Bengaluru) to showcase their products to increased visibility and sales.
    • Speaking gigs EconomicTimes, TimesJobs, IndiaTimes (Economic Times)
    • They have done press conferences –
      • Prokerala
      • TheHinduBusinessLine
      • Knowstartup

They have done press conferences to attract local and online customers to increase their brand awareness.


  1. Email
  2. FB – Retargeting Pixel added to the site
  3. Google Retargeting Pixel Integrated on the site
  4. Mobile Application Engagement & 1,000,000+ Installs
  5. Multiple Social Media Platforms – Fb, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube


  1. Sales Call
  2. Thank you page

Top Growth Hacks That Have Stood Out For Them

  • Proper Communication with not only investors but with the internal team as well
  • Product Category Expansion that allows users to choose from multiple options available on the site
  • Latest Designs and Features added to the products
  • Expanding to multiple cities at an early stage
  • Development of Mobile application with user-friendly feature to design the products based on their own design and requirement.
  • Multiple Social Media Platform usage – greater exposure
  • Changed the strategy from Pan India to Tier 1 cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi


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Facebook Page: Jaypore

What is the Page about?

Jaypore is an E-commerce website, they curate best designs from artisans and craftsman from across India and deliver them to the global audience.

Some Interesting stats:

  • No of Followers/Page likes: 448,170 as on 1st May 2019
  • Posts per Day: 2 or 3 posts per day
  • Average engagement per posts is between 150 to 400 i. e they at least 100 likes for their posts. And around 3-5 comments.
  • Jaypore gets 10.01% of their traffic from social media channels. And out of 10.01%, traffic from Facebook is 19.59% of their social traffic i.e approximately 2% of their traffic comes from Facebook.
  • Jaypore has 26 people managing their page from different locations.

How they use Facebook?

As a community building channel.

As an assisted conversion channel.

For support.

Type of Posts

  • Image posts with Link to the Product Page
  • Video posts.
  • Sale posts.
  • Event posts.
  • Facebook Live videos

How have they grown to x members- Things they do different

1. Facebook Ads:

  • They run ads displaying their products.
  • Jaypore uses Carousel Ads and Photo Ads displaying their products. These ads are linked to their product page on their website.

2. Types of contents

Primary Content

      • They share their product images.
      • Share their upcoming sale
      • Shares their Offline events
      • Share live videos of their events

Secondary Content

      • They share videos of craftsmen working on a different type of materials.
      • They share craftsmen working on meenakari material, how Lucknowi embroidery is done.

Tertiary Content

      • Jaypore share monument images, Food images from other pages and credit them.
      • They share videos of a traditional form of musical instruments.

3. Each and every post has a link to their website.

4. Good quality product images.

5. Showing top contributors.

6. Responding to the customer’s messages.

Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing & Data Science training company and the first to launch Social Media Marketing Workshop Series in India. It has its head office in New Delhi but offers training services globally.

Digital Vidya has trained over 35000+ professionals (including CXOs) from 15000+ brands since 2009. Some of the leading brands like Google, eBay, Reliance, MakeMyTrip, Nokia, Reliance, SAP, Star, TV, Cisco, Citibank, Intel, Toyota, ITC, CNBC, Madison, and CII have participated in 3000+ Digital marketing and Data Science training.

Since 2009, over 35,000+ professionals (including CXOs) from 15,000+ brands such as Nokia, Google, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, Cisco, MakeMyTrip, Naukri, SAP, Citibank, Toyota, Intel, ITC, CNBC, Madison and CII have participated in more than 3,000+ Digital Marketing & Data Science trainings by Digital Vidya across Asia.

Fact Sheet

Brand: Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a pioneer institute that offers Digital marketing and Data Science training. It offers the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course, which is a government certified course.

Founders: Pradeep Chopra & Kapil Nakra

Type: B2C/B2B/B2B2C

One-liner: Quote from one of the founders:

There’s an ever-growing demand of skilled digital marketing professionals. While a lot of academic institutions including IIMs have added digital marketing in their curriculum or even started to offer standalone programs, they have not been able to do justice to this demand

—Pradeep Chopra, Co-Founder, and CEO of DigitalVidya.com

Industry: Edu-Tech

Why The Name Digital Vidya?

Since Digital Vidya’s main motive is to impart knowledge on Digital Marketing & Data Science, they thought of naming it as “Digital Vidya”. Vidya is Hindi means knowledge and so it complemented the vision perfectly.

What Do They Do?

Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing & Data Science training company and the first to launch Social Media Marketing workshop series in India

They offer customized Digital Marketing & Analytics Training Programs for corporations to scale up their businesses.

They are Google & Microsoft India’s official training partner to train their agencies & partners respectively.

Desktop/App: Mobile only, Desktop only or App

Desktop & Mobile/No App

Table Of Content

Early Days

Launch of Idea

The idea to First Set of Customers

Demand Validation to Growth

Growth to Expansion

Summary of Growth

Future Plans

Challenges Faced By Digital Marketing Industry

Founder Insights

Top Growth Hacks

Early Days

Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra graduated in BTech from IIT Delhi (1995-1999). Chopra worked in TCS for a year while Nakra worked with Kizna a Japanese startup before the entrepreneur bug bit the duo. In 2000 they started Whizlabs Software. Whizlabs proved to be the foundation for their foray into the internet market.

This is where they learned Digital Skills. They were forced to sell their products online recalls Chopra. Since no one was buying their e-learning programme for Jaba certification, they posted it online.

It was picked up by various discussion forums and the product started selling. Whizlabs was so successful that they could sign top clients like Cisco without even meeting them. In 2004 Whizlabs was given the ‘Most Innovative IT company’ award by NASSCOM. The successful use of online marketing for Whizlabs convinced the two that this is the future and they decided to specialize in it.

The Idea

Till 2009 they were informally supporting other professionals and entrepreneurs in learning Digital Marketing by sharing their experience with them. That time a friend suggested that they should consider imparting training formally as that was the need of the hour.

That gave birth to Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya was set up in November 2009 with an initial investment of `5 lakh. At that time it was a completely new field with no formal education available.

The idea to The First Set of Customers

Extensively used SEO to rank on the Google SERP and attract prospects to their program. Conducted free online webinar to convert the prospects to clients. Initially, they started with conducting a two days social media workshop. They called it the social media boot camp and started with only two cities i.e Delhi and Mumbai for the first two years. And gradually expanded to other metro cities like Bangalore and Chennai.

In the year 2011, they also conducted Bootcamp in Singapore.

The biggest challenge the company faces is to convince people to learn Digital marketing as most of the people feel that the all the digital marketing knowledge is freely available on the web and its very easy to learn Digital marketing in a short span.

Demand Validation To Growth

From 2013 they decided to offer a full stack Digital Marketing training program using online platform. This led to the birth of their flagship CDMM program (Certified Digital Marketing Mastery) which is an instructor-led online course.

They started offering training services across three verticals

  • Public training (Workshops & Online Courses)
  • Corporate Workshops(Customised to organizational needs)
  • Institution Workshops (1 day to 1-year programs)

With a view to impart and disseminate information and knowledge on Digital Marketing and the concepts revolving around it, Digital Vidya has been actively associated with NASSCOM and 10000 Startups so as to render the information pertaining to different domains of Digital Marketing, thus equipping the startups with the knowledge of the same.

Digital Vidya has previously mentored several startups. Pradeep Chopra was a guest speaker at an event hosted by Nascom office in Delhi in 2015. He spoke on “Digital Marketing & How to Pitch an Idea to an investor”.

Growth to Expansion

In 2017 they ventured into Data Science & Analytics and launched the Data Analytics certification program. Today Digital Vidya has trained over 35000 professionals through 3000+ trainings across 55+ countries in 9 years.

Their blog gets more than 250000 visitors per month. They are the official training partners for Google and Microsoft.

Marketing Summary (Today)

The Digital Vidya website gets around 5,00,000 visitors out of which 2,50,000 visitors are first-time visitors. Around 58% of the traffic is from India followed by the USA which constitutes 10% of traffic.

Around 70% of the traffic is from Organic search which is because of the SEO tactics that they focus on. Since Digital Vidya has established its brand name so 22% of its traffic is Direct.

The traffic from Emails, Referrals, Social and Paid ads is around 1% to 2%. 56% of the social traffic is mainly from Quora followed by 20%traffic from Youtube and 10% from Facebook. Traffic source images

Top of the funnel

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • 1 to 3 articles/day – Check their blog
  • 1,000+ word articles – video & text heavy
  • Soft sell on Webinar
  • Online Scholarship Tests
  • Search-70.10% traffic comes from search( 97.96% organic search traffic and 2.04% paid traffic)
  • They also rank for keywords: Digital Marketing Courses.

2. Type of content they create

Business – Primary content

Industry-based – Secondary content

Interests & Persona – Tertiary Content

3. Paid Ads

    • They get 1.50% of their traffic from paid ads.
    • Type of Ads they’re running: Generic and branded keyword ads.
    • Some of their paid keywords
      • Digital marketing course syllabus
      • Digital vidya
      • Digital Vidhya
      • Digital Marketing course by government
      • Digital marketing course in Bangalore

4. Social

  • 2.74% of Digital Vidya’s traffic comes from social channels.
  • Quora contributes to 52.82% of their social traffic.
  • Youtube contributes to 24.40% of their social traffic.
  • Facebook contributes to 10.96% of their social traffic.
  • LinkedIn contributes to 5.11% of their social traffic.
  • Whatsapp Web apps contribute to 2.43% of their social traffic.

Facebook – Check out their profile

  • Chat window pops out
  • Placed phone number here for easy call
  • Number of members: 72,934
  • Post 2 times a day

LinkedIn – Check out their profile

  • 8226 members
  • 4 posts a month
  • Low engagement

6. Offline

Middle of the funnel/constant engagement with

  • Email: Once a prospect attends the webinar, The Digital Vidya team follows up with them through emails. They share the syllabus and course fees.

Bottom Of The Funnel

  • Sales Call: After a few emails the sales team calls the prospects to understand whether they want to join the course

Future Plans

Digital Vidya plans to start Job oriented courses in the next two years.

They plan to increase their market share by 200%. The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has personally endorsed their work on her FB page for helping small scale businesses to go digital. Digital Vidya would like to further strengthen its position in India and also expand to newer geographies. They would also like to tap newer audience in India itself.

Challenges faced by the Digital Marketing Industry according to the founders

  • Finding Right Talent: Finding an appropriate talent in the digital marketing industry is very challenging as there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled digital marketing professionals.

  • Most Dynamic Industry: As Digital marketing is one of the most fasting changing fields it is difficult for traditional companies to experiment with it for getting success in Digital Marketing.

  • Working with Agency: Organisations are still not mature in working with agencies and lack sufficient understanding of what to expect from agencies. There is a low entry barrier in forming an agency. Working with agencies as a vendor (vs partner) is another reason for significantly higher failure rates.
  • Measuring ROI: It is difficult to measure the ROI of digital marketing for a large number of organizations. Measuring ROI is the key advantage of digital marketing still it is a feature that is less unused.

Founder Insights

  • Digital marketing is a volatile and constantly evolving field so it is difficult to predict for a long time.
  • Predictions don’t really give value when you talk about Digital Marketing. The best way to understand the future is to follow the trends and keep monitoring the markets and customer behavior.
  • The more you personalize your Digital marketing efforts, the more edge you will get in promoting your product or service.
  • Regardless of the Digital marketing channel you use, the tactics will go a long way.
  • The best way to get ahead in Digital marketing is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, find out what’s working best for your website and implement it. Keep learning from top blogs or take Digital marketing courses if possible. Get help from mentors so that you can avoid making some big blogging mistakes.
  • Learning Digital Marketing is for anyone with good analytics & language skills. This is a dynamic field but anyone can enter it. That’s because it is a very logical science.
  • If there’s one thing that can bring massive success to your business, it would be mostly SEO as the visitors who come from search engines convert really high.

Top Growth Hacks


Digital Vidya focusses greatly on SEO to get traffic to their website.70% of their traffic comes from search. They post quality content on their blog regularly. They post around 3 to 5 blog posts a day.


Right from the inception, Digital Vidya has been using Webinars to convert their prospects to customers. That’s have been a key to their success.

Online Marketing Helpline

In 2016 Digital Vidya launched Ask Digital Vidya – an online digital marketing helpline. Ask Digital Vidya is a community of digital marketing enthusiasts and experts, who are committed to contributing to each other’s growth by asking questions and providing answers across various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics.