• Company Name: Clever Tap
  • Type: B2B
  • Founded : May 2013
  • Founders: Sresh Kondamudi, Sunil Thomas, Anand Jain
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, US
  • One-liner: CleverTap helps brands improve customer lifetime value and profitability by delivering consistent customer experiences across all touchpoint”- Sunil Thomas, CEO & Founder
  • Industry: Marketing Analytics
  • Desktop/App: Mobile / Desktop only
  • Logo


What do they do?

How they got their early adopters

Marketing Funnel Breakdown

Major Traffic Source

Marketing Breakdown Today

Top Growth Hacks


CleverTap is SaaS-based mobile analytics and mobile marketing company. CleverTap announced its US launch in September 2015 during TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in San Francisco (it was called WizRocket before that).

  • It provides mobile app analytics and user engagement products to more than 8000 companies. CleverTap combines real-time customer insights, an advanced segmentation engine, and powerful engagement tools into one intelligent marketing platform.
  • CleverTap got its first Seed round of funding in July 2014 for $1.6 million. Major product advancements came after that.
  • With a Series B round of $26 million in April 2019, it reaches a valuation of $150 million now. It currently employs around 100 employees.

How They Got Their Early Adopters:  

BookMyShow was their first customer acquired in October 2013 because co-founder Anand Jain had worked for BookMyShow as a client previously at Network 18 and Ashish Hemrajani (founder, BookMyShow) was looking out for a similar solution.


Before Series A funding

Post Series-A funding in August 2015

(WizRocket was running in stealth mode before this; this was when they changed their name to CleverTap)



Initially on CleverTap/ WizRocket blog (which got them good SEO traffic)


Blogged once a month (mostly status updates) by Anand Jain, co-founder & CTO on WizRocket Blog


  • Mumbai Start-ups List (here)
  • Slideshare (here)
  • Crunchbase (here)



  • It was a very important source of early client acquisition because founders were already in Media circles (Anand Jain: founder)
  • This could happen because early adopters unlocked great revenue growth using their customer targeting platforms.


Page created in Aug 2015 (after series A funding)




(Similar Web data)

  • Average Traffic – Monthly: 3,30,000
  • SEO – 53.18% (out of which organic- 7.5%)
  • Direct – 35.92%
  • Social – 3.21%
  • Referrals– 11%
  • Mail – 5.51%
  • Display – 0.07%



Top of the funnel

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Traffic from SEO: 53%
  • Articles/month: 10-15 (
  • Articles Review: 1000- 1500+ words – text, image & infographics heavy.
  • Soft sell Webinars: Distributed through email campaigns and directly on social distribution platforms)
  • Keywords Analysis (top keywords they rank for): Clever tap, Bookmyshow, Sony liv app, Sonyliv, Hotstar app, Ixigo, Freecharge, Marketing SMS, App notifications

Content Categories

Primary content (Business)

  • General (around mobile marketing, user experience)
  • Case studies –Customer Spotlight (Industry & Client specific solutions)
  • Knowledge Base—Engineering (Tech & Tools around Analytics)
  • Product (How & What)
  • What they do (Updates, Milestones, Culture & About work)

Secondary content (Industry based)

  • Data Science

Tertiary Content (Interests & Persona)

  • Customer Spotlight (Industry & Client specific solutions)
  • App User Lifecycle (Industry Specific & General)

Paid Ads

  • PPC Ads-keywords: Push Notification, App Engagement
  • Branded: 18.71%
  • Generic & Competitor: 81.29%
  • Amount of money they’re spending: $1580/ month



    • FaceBook Page- CleverTap
    • Use of FaceBook as a Distribution platform for webinars, eBook, blogs, podcasts
    • CTA button: Sign Up & Send Message
    • Contact Details:
    • Number of members: 17,029 followers
    • Posting Frequency: 1-2 posts on daily basis, 10 posts on weekly basis
    • Cover picture: Video Format
    • Type of Posts:
      • Event & Milestone Updates
      • Sharing blog, eBooks, Webinar links

Webinar content examples

-How Mobile Payment Apps Engage & Retain Users

-How AI & ML are transforming modern marketing

-Media & OTT App User Lifecycle

-Build a high ROI engagement strategy with AppInbox

-How to Re-engage Mobile App Users


    • Number of Followers: 3334 followers
    • Posting-Frequency: 10 posts weekly
    • Type of Posts
      • Posts showing company updates or milestones
      • Founders chats interviews or podcasts
      • Company event updates, or showing how is to work at CleverTap have high engagement


The Playbook Podcast by co-founder Anand Jain.

Referral Traffic




  • Apps Flyer Business Mixer, Bangalore, Feb 2019
  • CT Connect, Jakarta, Jan 2019
  • Mobile Growth meetups in collaboration with clients( bookmyshow, hungama, etc.), Dec 2017
  • Mobile Growth Summit,2017, SFO
  • The Open Mobile Summit, Bay area, 2016


  • Digital Marketing Leaders’ Summit
  • Mobile Marketing Summit
  • CMO Innovation Summit


Middle of the funnel

  • Constant engagement with Email of types:
  • Knowledge, product based blog links
  • How other mobile apps used their product to drive growth (case studies)
  • Webinar links
  • Free Resources (Templates, Guides, eBooks, Quiz)

Bottom of the funnel

  • Product Demo
  • Customized Product Demo on request
  • Sales Call

Top Growth Hacks

  • Calibrating the product so that small/medium businesses with lesser traffic can also use it: After returning from YCombinator ‘14 interview, they worked on the feedback and started with this huge change. (Eventually, CleverTap started coming as a free product to companies with traffic lesser than 5 million). This increased their data exposure and user base.
  • Making their product Dashboard driven so that marketing folks could use it without involving their engineering teams.
  • Targeted, personalized Push Notifications (only to customers who were likely to take action instead of spamming all users with broadcasts) to unlock revenue for clients
  • Building first Omni-channel user engagement platform (other competitors didn’t have this feature at the time), a feature which targets the customer across multiple channels, all from a single dashboard.
  • Remained in stealth mode until Series A funding round (2 years after start acquiring 300 customers), improvising the product in private beta, customizing as per client requirements thereby gaining deep insights about their product before launching to general availability.