Why this blog?


After living abroad for close to five years (2011 – 2015), I decided to come back home and make a difference i.e. help startups scale their business through my marketing know how.

But after interacting with over 1000 entrepreneurs via workshops, speaking opportunities and consulting gigs, I realized there were three main problems related to marketing with our Indian startup ecosystem.

  1. First, there isn’t just enough content around how Indian companies have launched and scaled their business.¬† Why isn’t anyone telling me how they got their first 10 customers or how they launched their business?
  2. ¬†Second, We as entrepreneurs don’t necessarily know about the different marketing channels out there that we can use to reach an audience. Like I know so many entrepreneurs out there that say, they’ll use Facebook or Adwords or sell offline. But there are close to 20-25 marketing channels (online and offline) that can be used to reach your audience.
  3. Next, even if we are aware of the channels, we don’t know how to use each of these channels. I heard an entrepreneur say, “I paid this agency a lot of money to handle my social media but I didn’t get any customers from it.” Well some channels are conversion focused while some assist in conversion. So knowing the difference between how to use each of them can be a game changer.

Anyway, so I thought how could we solve this problem?

So, over the last 18 months, I have interacted with the founders of Practo, BharatMatrimony, Freshdesk, InMobi, FreeCharge, Slideshare (Yes, they’re Indian) and so many more and have collected information on their growth. Not just inspirational content but what marketing channels they used, what their marketing strategies were along the way.

I present to you marketing breakdowns for every Indian startup.


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