What is Scaling Smart?

This book is an actionable guide to start and scale a startup in India in the digital age. After interviewing over 30 entrepreneurs who have scaled successfully, the book identifies the channels for scale and the strategies required to scale using each channel.

Design of the book

Why This Book?

What Will You Learn?

Anyone who picks up the book will learn:

  • The step-wise approach to take your idea to scale.
  • About the 30 different marketing channels that can be used to scale
  • How to scale using each marketing channel. From Facebook to Content Marketing, each chapter is broken down as a case study along with images and learnings.
  • Over 50 growth strategies from 30 different startups
  • How to integrate marketing within product
  • What the entrepreneurship landscape looks like in India over the next 10 years
  • Growth hacks used by different companies when they didn’t have a marketing budget.

How to read it?

The book will be your handbook. Your consultant at your fingertips. So, i don’t expect you to read everything in one sitting but as a reference that you keep going back to over and over again.

Who have we spoken to?

Adhil Shetty

PosterGully -Bharat Sethi

SportsKeeda (Porush Jain, Founder & CEO)

Ixigo (Founder & CEO, Aloke Bajpai)

Byju Raveendran

Ketto (Varun Sheth,

FusionCharts (Pallav Nidhani)

Anand Gopal

Voiro – Kavita Shenoy

Mr.Phone – Ashish Hooda

Jaypore – Puneet Chawla,

Chumbak – Somanna PM,

Quickheal – Sanjay Katkar

Quickheal – Kailash Katkar,

Nearbuy – Ankur Warikoo

Wingify – Paras Chopra,

Amit Gupta, inmobi

Nearbuy – Ankur Warikoo

Vignesh Vijayakumar,

Phanindra Sharma & Prakash Sangam – Redbus 2

Phanindra Sharma & Prakash Sangam – Redbus

Harsh Agrawal, Founder ShoutMeLoud

Amit Ranjan, COO & Co-Founcer Slideshare

Aneesh Reddy, CEO Capillary Tech

Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo

CEO & Founder Murugavel Janakiraman – Bharat Matrimony

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 → Introduction: Why this Book?

Chapter 2 → Startup 101: Idea → Product Market Fit → Scale

Chapter 3 → Marketing Channels to Scale Your Business

Chapter 4 → Growth Framework For Your Startup


Chapter 5SEO: How Slideshare & Practo Used SEO To Scale Their Business

Chapter 6 Content Marketing: How Harsh Agrawal Built a $50,000/month Blogging Platform

Chapter 7 Guest Blogging: How VWO Grew to 100,000 Visits Using Guest Blogging

Chapter 8 SEM: How RedBus Used AdWords To Grow Their Business

Chapter 9Email Marketing: Email Strategies from FreeCharge, Urban Ladder & VWO

Chapter 10 Channel Partners & Affiliate: How Quickheal And Practo Grew Using Channel Partners & Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 11 Facebook: How Chumbak Grew to 500,000 Members

Chapter 12 Instagram: Crowdfire & Urban Clap’s Instagram Strategy Complete Breakdown

Chapter 13 LinkedIn: Inmobi’s Linkedin Strategy That Generates ~62,000 Monthly Website Visits

Chapter 14 Twitter: Crowdfire’s Twitter Strategy From 0 To 7 Million Followers

A Note on Entrepreneurship: Srivardhini Jha, IIM-B Entrepreneurship Professor

Chapter 15 →  Content Submission Platforms To Get Referral Traffic

Chapter 16 → Taboola & Outbrain: The Guide to Using Content Amplification Platforms

Chapter 17→  Youtube: How Mr.Phone used Youtube to Get 500,000 Downloads

Chapter 18 → Pinterest: How did Jaypore Build 35,000 Followers On Pinterest

Chapter 19 → Quora: How Saleshandy Uses Quora To Get 5,000/month Traffic

Chapter 20 → Directories: Submit Your Website to Get Quick Traffic

Chapter 21→  Hacker News: How VWO Used Hacker News To Get Paying Customers

Chapter 22 → Referrals: How Practo & Orobind Have Used Referrals to Scale

Chapter 23 → Integrating Marketing Within Product: How FusionCharts Maintains a Bounce Rate of Less Than 40%

Chapter 24 → Product Hunt: How SendX Launched got 25 Paying Customers in 48 hours

Chapter 25 → Influencer Marketing: How Ketto used Influencer Marketing to become Asia’s Largest Crowdsourcing Platform

Chapter 26 → Experiential Marketing: How Nearbuy Retains More Than 50% Of Its Users Using Experiential Marketing


Chapter 27 →  Workshops: How Byju’s Grew In The Early Days Using Workshops

Chapter 28 →  Conferences: Hacking Your Way Through Conferences, From VWO & InMobi

Chapter 29 →  Meetup.com: Growing to ~3500 Members, HackerEarth Case Study

Chapter 30 →  In-Person Sales: Expanding Locally & Globally, Strategies from VWO, Inmobi

Chapter 31 →  Campus Ambassador Programs:  How PosterGully Grew Nationally Without a Marketing Budget

Chapter 32 →  Event Marketing: Strategies From Bharat Matrimony to Take Large Scale Offline Communities Online


Chapter 33 →  FreshDesk Growth Hack: Converting Bad PR to Great PR

Chapter 34 →  BankBazaar’s Growth Hack: Flash Sale

Chapter 35 →  Ixigo’s Top Growth Hacks: 100 Million Views

Chapter 36 →  FreeCharge Growth Strategies

Chapter 37 → SportsKeeda Content Hacks

Who is the book for?

First time marketers

who have just entered this space and want to get a holistic
understanding of the marketing ecosystem

Seasoned Marketers

with a ton of experience who want to know what others have
successfully done in the space


without a marketing background who want to learn about growth

Solo entrepreneurs

who have an Idea and want to scale their business

Aspirational entrepreneurs

who have an

College students & MBA students

specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship

What to do once you read it?

Share it with your colleagues and friends. Obviously only if you like it. If you want everyone in your company to think growth, get them to read the book.

Companies we have covered?


Workshop Graduates


Net Promoter Score (+50 considered excellent)


Workshops Done